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Let Them Eat Cake
The Cake Is A Lie...
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14th-Nov-2010 03:41 am - Cosplay List
This is a list of cosplay I have done so far in order of when I cosplayed them.
I will add to it as I add cosplays.

"The Sakura Project" however, may get it's own post. ^^"

Character: Luke fon Fabre (Tales of the Abyss)
Worn at: Otakon 2008, OtakuMex 2008

Character: Goddess Martel (Tales of Symphonia)
Worn at: Otakon 2009
*Will Remake*

Character: Germania (Axis Powers Hetalia)
Worn at: Otakon 2009

Character: Seles Wilder (Tales of Symphonia)
Worn at: Otakon 2009, Halloween 2010

Character: Italy (Axis Powers Hetalia)
Worn at: SWACE 2009, OtakuMex 2009
*Will Remake*

Character: Chibitalia (Axis Powers Hetalia)
Worn at: OtakuMex 2009, Hetalia Day 2009, Gasucon June 2010

Character: England (Axis Powers Hetalia)
Worn at: Halloween 2009, Sakura-Con 2010
*Will Remake*

Character: Chibitalia (Axis Powers Hetalia)
Worn at: Sakura-Con 2010

Character: England (Axis Powers Hetalia)(You Can't Take the Sky from Me)
Worn at:  Sakura-Con 2010, TokyoPOP Tour 2010, OtakuMex 2010

Character: Sakura Kinomoto (Cardcaptor Sakura)
Worn at:  Sakura-Con 2010, Halloween 2010 (Halloween Party)

Character: Finland (Axis Powers Hetalia)
Worn at:  Sakura-Con 2010

Character: Italy (Axis Powers Hetalia)
Worn at: -Photoshoot Only-

Character: Lili (La Corda D'Oro)
Worn at: IshoCon June 2010

Character: Chibitalia (Axis Powers Hetalia)
Worn at: OtakuMex 2010
Award: OtakuMex Cosplay Contest: 3rd Place Journeyman Level

Character: France (Axis Powers Hetalia)
Worn at: Hetalia Day 2010
7th-Nov-2010 09:30 pm - Input is appreciated ;3
I'm making a new Pirate cosplay. I want a black coat (Black Bart style! :D). Most of this is going to be my design, but I'm always interested in suggestions. If anyone wants to contribute to hat, fabric, belt ideas, etc. that'd be something for me to think about. I'm not in a terribly pirate mood right now, so thinking of such... things is hard.
Remember! The whole outfit is to be black.

Also! For those who went to Hetalia Day, WE HAD 28 PEOPLE!

**Reposted from DeviantART
So today sucked at work.

Like....I wanted to punch people. Not because they were being obnoxious (which, some were), but because it was so damned busy that I was literally running for 5 hours straight. It also didn't help that I wasn't feeling well.

I also got into an argument with a customer because she didn't like how our company does the ad. But she was blowing up at me like I was personally responsible for her troubles. Sorry lady, I don't write the ad, you can bite me. :3

I did find solace in a rose. By a rose, I mean a literal rose. One of those fake roses you get at craft stores. We had one to take back, but instead of putting it back, I started twirling it. For like 10 minutes. It calmed me and made me giggle. I don't know why. xD

Also, as we were about to close, a lady told me that I should be on Project Runway today because I helped her design a pretty dress out of some fabric she brought me. It made me feel really special and like I really helped her out. :3

In real life though, I don't think I could handle it all emotionally. I believe it would go a little like this:


Heidi: You are the winner this round.
Me: *SOB!!!!!*

Heidi: You're look was absolute rubbish.
Me: *SOB!!!!!*

Heidi: You're out.
Me: *SOB!!!!!*

Heidi: You're baby just did a tap dance on the catwalk. Please remove it.
Me: *SOB!!!!!*


I'm a bit of a crybaby. "xD
5th-Aug-2010 07:29 pm - Of Cosplay and Contests and Home

As many of you who watch me here (and there isn't a lot) know, Hetalia is coming to America in the September time, both in Manga and Anime format.

TokyoPOP is publishing the manga.

They are looking for Hetalia cosplayers to put in the back of the book.


There really is no prize except you get to be in the book. But what an honor and exciting thing that would be! so here is me, hoping and praying that I or one of my friends (as I know others who are entering) win. :3 BEST OF LUCK TO EVERYONE~!


Also, I am home. Don't really want to be. I mean, I missed all of my friends for sure, but Katie isn't here and it's not exactly choice conditions at home. Anyway, I will be posting a journal about my trip when I have more time to gather photo's and suchness.
26th-Mar-2010 02:33 am - My life is on fire!

Tonight our house caught fire. Dont worry, everyone is okay.

How it happened was our dryer exploded into flames. The braker box sits right over the dryer, so that's gone, along with our electricity. The water heater, wall and celling are in bad shape too. I also lost almost all of my jeans (in the dryer!) and one cosplay. But the rest of our house is fine.

But this raises concerns: I have four unfinished cosplays in my house for Sakura-Con. I don't know when we will be allowed back in.
9th-Feb-2010 10:22 pm - Sickness of Heart, Mind, and Body
So I got sick over the weekend. Went to work last night. Called in today. I think it's just a bad sinus infection, but I'm going to the doctor tomorrow to check.

I'm so fed up with CNM it's not even funny.
I have been trying for almost two months (since December 14th) to get into CNM and sign up for classes. They must really not want me to be a student there. Long long long story short (which I'm not going into mearly because I am tired and not feeling well), I have been attending classes which I was kicked out of because I couldn't pay for them because CNM took too long getting my finacial aide paperwork together. I have been attending them because I was promised I could re-enroll with the right paperwork after I got my finacial aide. I got all the paperwork and finally my aide came through this past Thursday. I went to the  finacial aide office to deliver the paperwork. Because it took so long, the paperwork was outdated. I was then told that to stay in my class, I needed to write a letter to the deans of both colleges of the classes I was in, have the teachers do the same and then a COMMITTEE would decide whether or not I am WORTHY of being in the class! How long would that take? 3-4 weeks. By then, the semester is half done, I still don't have any of my books, and I am physically, mentally, and emotionally drained.


And because, you know, all of this is MY fault, I have 10 day's to move out. Well, I suppose now it's 7. I can't afford to move out. I can't afford to pay debts that I owe to friends. I can't afford to EAT! I haven't eaten right in about 3 weeks. And by "I haven't eaten right" what I mean is I have hardly eaten at all (the only exception being when I went to Las Cruces with hayley_beth24 and Hilary and they fed me. Which, although I was fed, and I thank them very much for that, has now added to the debts I owe people).

I just want to brake down and cry right now. Well, I have a few times. More like I want to drive my car off a cliff. Except I can't afford gas.
5th-Dec-2009 06:47 pm - Of Courses and Majors
So, I was seriously thinking about what it would take for me to get a degree in Video Game Design. Long story short, it's a lot of stuff I do not like to do. Ie: computer stuff. Nor am I very good at it.

Then I started thinking, "Why did I want to do it in the first place?". Because I wanted to do Character Design.

Why did I want to do character design?

Because I wanted to design cool outfits. :/

So I'm changing my major to Costume Design (because UNM doesn't have a Fashion Design Major). I think it will be a good switch for me. It incorporates the things I like to do: Drawing, Designing, and Sewing. And I would definately have more fun in that program.

I do plan to go to a better college with a focus on Fashion Design after I get a base degree at UNM.

I've always had my eye on The Academy of Art University...
24th-Nov-2009 06:10 pm - SakuraCon Cosplay's
Since sailorkagura07 did it, I feel I should too.

My list is so much longer though...Collapse )
30th-Oct-2009 10:31 am - Why so cold?!

Perhaps I don't remember clearly, but is Halloween supposed to be below freezing?

And there was fucking snow yesterday!!!! WHAT THE HELL!?!??!

I can't feel my fingers.....

Sorry for my language....but grrrrrrr........
24th-Oct-2009 11:27 pm - Hetalia Day Report

I was so sad! I wanted to stay, but I had to work! D,: And it was so busy and so many people called in sick that bosslady wouldn't give me the day off. ; 3; It was our busiest day of the year so far.
But here's the 30-45 minute re-cap of what I did see.

I got there at 1pm, like was planned. I was in my Chibitalia cosplay. I waited. And waited. For 20 minutes....; 3; By myself...all lonely and such...

And then su1c1deb0b.deviantart.com/ came up behind me (she was dressed as Austria). And then a Hungary and Cuba came~ I wasn't lonely anymore~ They brought a plate full of scones. I <3 scones~ But not when I inhale them and am coughing for 10 minutes. ^^;

Also, Austria got mad at a can she kept tripping on.

I videotaped it with her camera~

I hate my voice. = 3 =~
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